Personal Vision

In 20 years, I plan to have a strong career that can support myself, while also traveling and pursuing my hobbies. While I have no intention of having a wife at the moment, I do want to have kids, which means I must have the capital to sustain their lives and give them the best shot at the world possible.

         After graduation, I plan on going to an undergraduate school with a strong engineering/management program; hopefully at Bucknell University. I would like a school that gives me a good jumping off point for my future as well as competitive rowing, a supportive community, and a study abroad program.
        I hope to work very intensely for a few years, enough to pay off my student debts, and collect enough to support me for a few years in the future. In free time, I plan on continuing rowing and local travel. While my career may not be of particular interest to me, I understand and accept that a sustainable career is valuable and will; appreciate any work for income.

After working very hard for a few years, I would like to tour the world, doing freelance work wherever possible. I will learn new languages and cultures, climbing mountains and crossing great rivers.
         In the year 2037, I hope to still have enough money that I could land wherever I wish, but have no connections to any place in particular. By this time I also hope to have bought a comfortable house for my mom that I could crash at whenever I am in the area. While my life will have both terrific and unpleasant moments, I will always find solace in my companions around me. Regardless of my path on the next 20 years, I will be able to succeed in any plan through the support of friends and family.

Action Plan 

Graduate with excellent grades and get into a college that will set me up to have a strong future.

COLLEGE (4-5 years)
Learn how to be a good , have fun, make connections.

Engineering Job
Work as an engineer for just long enough that I get enough money to support myself.

Quit job and explore the world
Explore the world finding work that makes me feel good and helps other people.